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Concrete to Perfection, LLC

Who We Are?

Concrete to Perfection, LLC is a trusted concrete specialty contractor based in Peoria, IL, proudly serving central Illinois and the surrounding areas. Founded in 2015, our company is the culmination of over three decades of combined experience in the concrete industry, driven by the passion and dedication of owners Elonda Whitfield and Renee Moss.

Elonda's journey into concrete craftsmanship was deeply rooted in her family. She learned from her father, a construction professional, and her brother, a master carpenter. However, a significant turning point occurred when an injury during her time at ADM left her unable to return to her previous work. This adversity led her back to her roots and her true passion. With determination and a thirst for knowledge, she embarked on a path of concrete design.

After earning certification, Elonda's mission expanded. She played a pivotal role in helping Renee and six others attain independent contractor certifications, extending the reach of our craft.

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From residential to commercial projects, from transforming driveways to perfecting interior floors, Concrete to Perfection, LLC takes immense pride in delivering excellence to every customer. Our commitment to exceptional customer service is unwavering. We work closely with our clients, guiding them to make informed decisions for their concrete improvement projects.

As custom concrete designers, we understand that each project is unique. No two designs are ever the same. Whether it's a captivating floor, an exquisite countertop, a stylish bar, a functional table, or a rustic barn door, each creation is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, utilizing the most reliable products in the industry.

Elonda's journey is deeply connected to her family. She comes from a family of 15, with four girls and eleven boys. Her father, three brothers, and herself are military veterans from the Army. Her mother worked for the State and provided house cleaning services for various residential homes.

Beyond her professional life, Elonda enjoys a range of hobbies, including art, reading, helping others, and spending quality time with her four beautiful children: Kaleigh, Rashad, Lyllian, and Arnezz. She has been actively engaged in sports from grade school through her time in the Army.

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Elonda's remarkable career also includes 12 years of service with a company before making the transition to owning her own business. She has earned numerous awards and gained extensive skills during her military service, including roles as a crane and winch operator, heavy equipment operator, office administrator, and various forklift operations. She proudly served in the Desert Shield/Desert Storm War and holds an Associate of Arts and Paralegal degree. Today, Elonda is the proud business owner of Concrete To Perfection LLC, a company that embodies her unwavering commitment to excellence and her dedication to her craft.

We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to provide you with an exceptional experience in enhancing your concrete spaces. Witness the transformation of your concrete to perfection with us.

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